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About Novum Artis

Novum Artis is a bi-monthly curated art magazine highlighting dynamic and exciting art created by artists from around the world. All disciplines and media are covered, from traditional fine art painting to photography to sculpture to new digital arts. We strive to give the best artists -- especially new and emerging artists -- a platform for getting their art in front of the people who NEED to see it.

The Novum Artis Story
Pat Flanagan - Publisher

How did Novum Artis happen? I'm a marketing consultant by day, why am I now a magazine publisher? It's because of my own experiences as an "emerging" (but not really) artist. Most emerging artists have been creating their art for a year or three. I've been creating digital art since digital art first became possible with home computers, in the mid 1980's. I've done it privately as a hobby since then, always creating, keeping up with new software and innovations... but never releasing anything.

Then 2023 happened.

At the start of the year, while quarantined from the family with COVID -- I'll make a very long story as short as I can here -- I got the opportunity to illustrate nine poems in the book "Reflections In Rhyme" by UK author Kevin O'Dowd. Other poems were illustrated by an eclectic assortment of fourteen international artists including Boy George, Mark Wardel aka TradeMark, rock musician Suzi Quatro, David Hodge aka Dusty O, Russ Leach, and more. After attending the book launch party in London, a surreal event in itself, I made the decision that art should become a major focus in my life.

I then experienced the struggle that every artist in the world has experienced -- getting noticed. Over the year, I started building an online following for my art via my website and Instagram. I was able to get my works into six juried art shows in the USA and UK, plus magazine coverage. I even made some sales. But the obvious struggle was still there -- getting my art in front of the gallery owners, collectors, and influencers who I felt need to see it.

My marketing background led me to compile massive contact lists of the people who, I felt, should see my art. And while I could spend the effort to get my own art in front of them, I realized it would be better if I helped OTHER artists do this at the same time.

That's when the idea for Novum Artis came to mind. Every issue of Novum Artis will provide you with a curated group of art that, in our opinion, needs to be seen by you, the reader. Also included will be a conversation with an established artist, sharing the experiences of their art career. And we intend to do this with as little advertising as possible, so the focus is where it should be: the art.

Latest Issue: Issue 002 -- Curated Art From More Than 75 New And Emerging Artists

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